Luxaflex Window Blinds & Coverings


Australia’s largest provider of inspirational shading solutions for over 60 years, LUXAFLEX® Window Fashions offers you the ultimate levels of living comfort, light control, privacy and style you’ll want to share with friends and family.

Luxaflex Window Fashions have provided Australians with the ultimate in living comfort, light control, privacy and style for over 60 years. Luxaflex Window Fashions offer endless decorating possibilities in fabric, texture, trims and colour to enhance your home and protect it from glare, heat and sunlight.

One of the most crucial and adjustable elements in creating the perfect atmosphere in your home is light. Where windows provide light, there is always a need to control it using quality Luxaflex Window Fashions.

Luxaflex Window Fashions allow you to be kind to the environment by providing a range of sustainable green fabrics designed to last. Many of these are now listed on Eco-Specifier (a website designed to help you select the best sustainable and eco-friendly products) and can assist you in creating a comfortable environment within your home with the extensive range of shading solutions that enable you to adjust and control temperature by several degrees in both winter and summer, translating into year-round savings on your energy bills, and the environment.

To achieve internal privacy, especially in a range of bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds and LUXAFLEX® Modern Roman Shades in Tahlya or Atmosphere Fabric and DUETTE® Shades generally offer the highest levels of privacy.

Window coverings can and should make a stunning decorative statement, brightening a room or shading a room that receives too much sun or glare and adding a dimension to your décor.

Even better, many of our motorised blinds and shades provide not only a stylish alternative you will want to share with friends but the convenience of one touch technology.

LUXAFLEX® LumiShades

Where innovation meets style and functionality. A contemporary take on a classic window covering, Luxaflex® LumiShade® combines the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Roller Blinds

Ergonomically designed with greater efficiency is the secret to the bold range of Luxaflex Roller Blinds with patented EDGE technology – offering unrivalled strength combined with sleek design for modern windows. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Venetian Blinds

Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian Blinds are simple and stylish, providing a timeless design that suits many decorating styles. Sizes of Venetian Blinds range from 16mm Micro to 25mm Slimline and 50mm Classic slat widths. All Luxaflex Venetian Blinds provide excellent control of light, temperature, ventilation and privacy. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Country Woods® Venetians

If you appreciate the look and feel of natural timber, then Luxaflex Country Woods Venetians are the perfect choice. Available in lacquered or oiled Western Red Cedar, you can select from a range of colours that can be co-ordinated to suit your décor. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Wood Essence Blinds

Luxaflex Wood Essence Blinds, the practical and affordable alternative to timber blinds and are made from an advanced engineered polystreen. They are durable, resistant to cracking, fading and peeling, whilst maintaining the look and feel of timber blinds. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Roman Shades Collection

Luxaflex Roman Shades will provide a contemporary stylish look to your home. They are simple in design with excellent functionality, ensuring ease of operation. Luxaflex Roman Shades are available with a range of different accessories to suit your home and decor. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Vertical Blinds

Luxaflex Vertical Blinds by DABSCO offer a cost effective and practical window covering alternative. Vertical Blinds offer a sleek modern design incorporating fabric vanes that can be tilted or stacked to the right, left or centre to set the light and mood just as you want it. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Panel Glide Blinds

For a touch of modern sophistication, the Luxaflex Panel Glide blind offers a contemporary take on traditional Window Fashions. Featuring sleek lines and minimalist design, Panel Glide blinds evoke understated elegance in any home. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Duette Shades

Luxaflex Duette Shades are made from a unique honeycomb cellular fabric that is not only an efficient insulator against heat and cold, but its crisp, horizontal pleats provide an attractive, contemporary look for your home. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Duette Vertiglide Shades

Luxaflex Duette Vertiglide Shades have pleats orientated vertically instead of horizontally, giving a visual effect that is between soft shades and vertical blinds. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Silhouette Shadings

Luxaflex Silhouette Shadings are a uniquely designed blind which features horizontal fabric vanes encased between two sheer facings. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers offer you a softly filtered view providing privacy with easily controlled tilting vanes. The luxurious look of soft curtains is accentuated at night when the shade is closed. Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are used to control sunlight in the most elegant manner. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Pirouette Shades

Luxaflex Pirouette Shades stylishly combine the personality and grace of two fabric ranges which allow light and privacy to be controlled in an entirely unique, new way. With a gentle pull of the operating cord, you now have precise control of the light and view you choose to let in, or block out. (more…)

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Luxaflex Internal Sunscreens

Luxaflex Internal Sunscreens allow control of heat and light whilst maintaining your view. With their subtle design, Luxaflex Internal Sunscreens are perfect for any room heavily exposed to the sun, to reduce the glare and heat coming through the window. (more…)

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LUXAFLEX® Newstyle® Timber and Polyresin Shutters

Luxaflex Newstyle Shutters are a beautiful combination of functionality, durability & practicality. They are more than just a basic window covering, providing light & heat control, whilst adding style & value to your home. Each shutter is custom made to your window or door’s exact specification. (more…)

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Curtains & Drapes

Adding a visual element of textural depth and dimension to transform an interior space, whilst offering a level of practicality at the window to enhance your home environment. (more…)

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