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Aluminum window and door systems come in a multitude of designs and functions to suit the requirements of the design specification, airflow and energy efficiency. Choosing the correct window system to suit your climate is one of the most cost effective investments you can make to keep your home comfortable and quiet all year round. What most people do not know is that most of the heat gained or cool lost in your home is through the windows and doors.

The window system, glass selection and components used all effect the energy performance of your home. Aluminum Windows and doors feature a long lasting extruded aluminum frame combined with glass to provide an energy efficient light source and breeze path for both domestic and commercial applications.

The aluminum frames are powder-coated or anodised to improve both the look and durability of the finished product, ensuring a long maintenance free life of the window system. The glass infill panels are available in many types, specific to the application. Glass can also be treated to improve the shading co-efficient and ultra violet light transmission of the window, improving the energy efficiency of the system.

Bradnams has created and perfected energy efficient window systems that increase comfort levels and improve window energy performance. All Bradnam’s glass windows and doors by DABSCO are manufactured locally in our Darwin factory, specific to our customer’s requirements.

Bradnam’s Sliding Windows

Bradnam’s sliding windows combine wide views with simple, classic design and easy operation.

Sliding windows have at least one sash sliding horizontally providing fully adjustable ventilation for greater energy efficiency and comfort. The low force sliding system provides a smooth quiet operation that requires little maintenance. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Awning/Casement Windows

  • Modern slimline design with a traditional solid sash
  • High rating for energy efficiency due to superior sealing action
  • Full joint sealing maximizes weather proofing performance
  • Optional sash winder prevents windows closing in high winds
  • Optional Integrated insect or security screening available
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Bradnam’s Arched and Raked Windows

Bradnams arched & raked windows provide an architectural enhancement to your home. Minimal frame size with no mullions offers unrestricted views, enabling you to turn a wall into a panorama! (more…)

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Bradnam’s Double Hung Windows

With an adjustable top and bottom hung sash, Bradnams double hung window provides superior climate control performance, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together. The double hung window is also available with a fixed sash providing extra security and safety if required. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Fixed Lite Windows

Fixed lite windows are stationary windows often used to compliment other windows and doors. They are best in areas where ventilation is not a big concern and natural light or a beautiful view needs to be maximized. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Louvre Windows

Bradnams Port Douglas Louvre windows give you access to cool breezes whilst providing an inspiring point of difference to the design of your home. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Stacking Doors

Open up your lifestyle by extending the indoor and outdoor living areas with the Bradnam’s stacking door.

Stacking doors increase the clear air opening of your living space, allowing clean, flowing lines which maximise your view to the outside. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Sliding Doors

Frame your view perfectly with the bold, clean lines of Bradnam’s sliding doors.

Sliding doors are available in most aesthetic styles, configurations and colours to suit any design application. (more…)

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Bradnam’s French Doors

The Bradnam's French Door suite will enhance the elegance and visual appeal of your home. (more…)

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Bradnam’s Bi-Fold Door and Window

The bi-fold door creates a moving glass wall that opens the interior of your home to the outdoors, providing unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation. The bi-fold is ideal for entertaining areas. (more…)

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