Crimsafe – Darwin’s Best Security Systems


Why is Crimsafe® arguably the best security screening systems available?

Crimsafe® is a patented stainless steel security screen solution which will provide maximum security with minimal impact on the aesthetics of your home. Crimsafe has been designed to suit the many varying security applications ensuring your windows, doors or living spaces are secure from intruders.

Only Crimsafe Screw-Clamps security mesh to the frame with tamper-resistant screws that go right through a metal clamp, through the mesh and into the frame. This gets repeated every 125mm around the frame.

304 grade Tensile-Tuff® Stainless Mesh not only makes our product the best looking screen on the market, the 0.9mm thick strand that makes up the mesh is 26.5% thicker on the cross section than other stainless security mesh available. This ensures that it is harder to cut or penetrate. 304 grade stainless steel is stronger and less brittle than 316, whilst maintaining the corrosion resistant qualities.

A highly Durable Coating has been developed by Crimsafe and Dulux which further reduces corrosion and reduces the buildup of airborne particles. This makes it easier to clean the mesh and helps to ensure your screen maintains its permanent good looks.

This fantastic product has a diverse array of applications to suit almost any purpose.

The crimsafe screw clamp

  1. The patented screw-clamp and hook feature transfers the force of an impact around the frame, so the mesh remains intact and the unit is able to withstand enormous impacts.
  2. Tamper-resistant screws, exclusive to Crimsafe Licensees, are driven right through clamp and mesh and into the frame, to give unsurpassed strength.
  3. Crimsafe uses our own specially developed 304 grade 0.9mm "Tensile Tuff" security mesh, because it is more suited to security applications than other meshes.
  4. The Crimsafe clamp and frame have special teeth designed to match the woven profile of the mesh and "bite down" on it with a vice-like grip.
  5. Specially designed 3M insulation tape keeps water out to totally resist corrosion.
  6. Special coating developed in conjunction with Dulux gives our mesh commercial grade UV fade resistance for longer life, and makes cleaning easier.

Crimsafe® Window Security Screens

Crimsafe fixed window panels are non-moving panels that can be face fitted, reveal fitted using their angled frame, or they can be fixed in the insect screen track of your window. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Sliding Safe-S-Cape®

Sliding Safe-S-Capes are available in single, double and triple panels and are ideal to create a secure servery point to an outdoor entertaining area. Sliding Safe-S-Capes are great screening options for servery windows, casement windows and double hung’s and with the patented Screw- ClampTM  technology you know it is secure. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Ultimate Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe Ultimate patio enclosure products allow you to have a secure exterior area which also protects you from those unwanted insects. The design of the frame allows for access doors, making this a great product for patio’s, verandahs and outdoor areas. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Safe-S-Cape®

Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape is a patented security screen system designed to maintain the security of your home whilst allowing you the ease of a keyless exit in the case of an emergency. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Security Doors

Crimsafe Security Doors provide the ultimate security barrier to your home without compromising the look. Available in hinged or sliding, Crimsafe Security Doors come in a variety of styles including the standard frame, Ultimate frame, colonial cast panels or commercial frames. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Cyclone Debris Screens

Due to the strength of Crimsafe’s patented system and its ability to absorb high impact, Crimsafe can be used as an integral part of a property’s Cyclone protection plan of protecting window and door openings. (more…)

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Crimsafe® Ultimate

Crimsafe Ultimate is designed to include all Crimsafe’s core features, with extra strength and extra benefits. (more…)

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007 Security Screens

7mm Aluminum Grille Security Screens are fixed screens that can be installed to most types of windows to create a secure barrier to your home to protect your family and personal belongings from unwanted intruders. (more…)

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Security Bars

Security Bars are a practical, unobtrusive and affordable option to secure louvre window systems. Manufactured from solid high strength aluminium and, with anti jemmy wire secretly joining each bar, it is a very secure product. (more…)

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Insect Screens

Insect screens provide an affordable and effective insect barrier for your home. All screens are made to measure to suit any specific window application. (more…)

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007 Security Doors

DABSCO’s 7mm Aluminum Security Doors provide a secure barrier to your home, protecting your family and your personal belongings. 007 Security Doors are available in hinged and sliding varieties. (more…)

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Crimsafe Colonial Castings

Colonial Cast doors offer a vast range of attractive options available to enhance the personal style of your home. Made from durable low maintenance cast aluminium, there is a design to suit almost any taste. (more…)

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Phantom Screens

Phantom’s retractable door & window screens are simple to operate, durable, and blend with any architectural style. Perfect for both new and existing homes, our custom design retractable door & window screens offer the best of both worlds – uninterrupted views and natural ventilation combined with protection from insects and harsh glare of the sun. (more…)

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Crimsafe Fire Attenuation & Shading Coefficient

Tests carried out on Crimsafe screens for Fire Attenuation show a rating for attenuation of radiant heat flux of 45%. Meaning almost half of the heat from a fire source on the other side of the screen does not transfer through Crimsafe mesh. (more…)

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