Glass Options

Did you know?

Up to 49% of a buildings heat loss and a staggering 87 % of a buildings direct heat gain occurs through standard clear windows.

In these days of ever increasing costs of power and government legislation, it is critical to make the correct glass selections to maximise personal comfort
and minimise the drain on the family budget over the life of your house.

Bradnams Windows and Doors by DABSCO offer many glass options for all budgets giving choices in colour and performance that will provide energy savings that will last a lifetime.

Dark Grey Solarblock

DABSCO’s standard toned glass offers considerable extra strength over standard clear annealed glass and provides up to a 67% reduction in UV rays a 30% reduction in heat gain and 50% reduction in glare, meaning a significant lessening in potential damage to window coverings, carpet and furniture which will also provide a substantial reduction in cooling costs.

Sunergy Glass

Sunergy Glass is an energy efficient glazing solution for residential homes, units and commercial building applications. Sunergy glass is unique when compared to ordinary clear glass in that it performs two distinct functions:

  • it stops a large proportion of the suns direct heat from entering through the window;
  • it also has a special hard and durable coating (called Low-E) which gives added insulation, similar in the way roof or wall insulation works.This means that Sunergy glass keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter saving on energy cooling and heating costs.

Added protection from the harsh effects of the sun is also another important feature of Sunergy providing a 72% reduction in UV rays.Unlike traditional tinted glass which works by restricting the level of light coming into the home, Sunergy glass has a unique filter that allows higher levels of natural light but still stopping direct heat from entering. Rooms stay brighter for longer in the day

Sunergy glass is available in Neutral (light grey tint), Green or Azure (blue).

DABSCO can also provide other special glass products upon request.