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Glass Options

Did you know?

Up to 49% of a buildings heat loss and a staggering 87 % of a buildings direct heat gain occurs through standard clear windows.

In these days of ever increasing costs of power and government legislation, it is critical to make the correct glass selections to maximise personal comfort
and minimise the drain on the family budget over the life of your house.

Bradnams Windows and Doors by DABSCO offer many glass options for all budgets giving choices in colour and performance that will provide energy savings that will last a lifetime.

Dark Grey Solarblock

DABSCO’s standard toned glass offers considerable extra strength over standard clear annealed glass and provides up to a 67% reduction in UV rays a 30% reduction in heat gain and 50% reduction in glare, meaning a significant lessening in potential damage to window coverings, carpet and furniture which will also provide a substantial reduction in cooling costs.

Sunergy Glass

Sunergy Glass is an energy efficient glazing solution for residential homes, units and commercial building applications. Sunergy glass is unique when compared to ordinary clear glass in that it performs two distinct functions:

  • it stops a large proportion of the suns direct heat from entering through the window;
  • it also has a special hard and durable coating (called Low-E) which gives added insulation, similar in the way roof or wall insulation works.This means that Sunergy glass keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter saving on energy cooling and heating costs.

Added protection from the harsh effects of the sun is also another important feature of Sunergy providing a 72% reduction in UV rays.Unlike traditional tinted glass which works by restricting the level of light coming into the home, Sunergy glass has a unique filter that allows higher levels of natural light but still stopping direct heat from entering. Rooms stay brighter for longer in the day

Sunergy glass is available in Neutral (light grey tint), Green or Azure (blue).

DABSCO can also provide other special glass products upon request.

LUXAFLEX® Blinds and Awnings

Our designers are constantly monitoring global and Australian decorating and lifestyle trends to provide you with the very latest in innovative and stylish window treatments for your home.

Our commitment to quality for the last 50 years is emphasised by the fact that our Australian supplier of components is a Quality Endorsed Company, certified as complying with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000.

Luxaflex Window Fashions are beautiful products designed to last.

Child Safety

Child safety is a critical issue and one that we have addressed. We continually monitor child safety standards to ensure our Luxaflex products comply with applicable safety standards abd are safe for your children.

Custom Made to Measure

All Luxaflex Window Fashions are custom made to your exact window requirements so they fit perfectly. Our DABSCO Sales Representative can assist you to find the best product to suit your shading needs.

Australian Made

DABSCO proudly promote Australian Made products and endeavour, where possible, to ensure that the majority of fabrics and components sourced are Australian made and/or the finished products are manufactured in Australia. This ensures superior quality, consistency and our commitment to the Australian economy.


Not only are Luxaflex Window Fashions designed and constructed to the highest quality standards, many of our fabrics in the Luxaflex Product Range are treated with DURAGUARD®  Fabric Protector and Sanitized®  Antimicrobial Protection.


Fabric Protector effectively repels most stain causing agents with its proven water based, preventative formula. Sanitized Antimicrobial Protection effectively reduces the development of bacteria, odour and mildew.

Methods of Operation

Whether it is a wand, cord, switch or remote control device, many Luxaflex Products come with a range of operation types and systems to suit your light, privacy comfort and style requirements


To ensure our products meet your requirements and are easy to operate, most Luxaflex Blinds and Awnings can be either motorised or battery powered for added convenience. The motors supplied are the highest standard, are reliable, safe and created for simplicity, reduced noise and increased internal comfort.

Training and Knowledge

Our representatives undergo regular training to ensure they can provide the expert advice you need to make selecting your perfect window fashion easy. Their role is to assist you in transforming your home to suit your needs.


Please note, all Luxaflex Products have a 5 year warranty*

LUXAFLEX® NEWSTYLE® Polyresin Shutters have a 20 year warranty*

Clear PVC has a warranty of 12 months*


*Please refer to the Luxaflex Website for more details.

Sanitized® and the Sanitized® symbol are Trade Marks of SANITIZED AG, Switzerland, registered in numerous countries.

Shower Screens and Mirrors

Shower screens and mirrors are manufactured with tempered or laminated glass which ensures safety in wet slippery environments such as bathrooms. If broken, the glass will either shatter into very small non jagged pieces or be held together with a plastic laminated sheet. This will ultimately reduce the chance of severe cuts and injury.

Preventative Care

As an optional extra, we can apply Enduro Shield which is a protective, invisible coating that repels water, soap scum and grime.
It is effective in the long term maintenance of shower and mirror surfaces because of its repelling properties. Enduro Shield is revolutionary as it ensures that shower or bath enclosure glass remains as clean and shiny as the day it was bought, with the least possible effort.

  • Once only application
  • Helps prevent harmful bactiria buildup
  • Promotes a germ free environment
  • Superior glass protection against harmful corosive effects of hard water, soap scum and chemicals
  • Reduces the need to surface clean by up to 90%


The safest cleaner for a mirror or shower screen is clean, warm water used with a soft cloth. An approved glass cleaner such as Windex or similar products may be used. Be careful not to allow the edges of the mirror to get or remain wet over a period of time.

  • Do not use any acid or alkali cleaners. They can attack both the surface and edges as well as the backing of the mirror. And never use an abrasive cleaner on any glass surface.
  • Do not use cleaners with heavy ammonia bases. These too can damage mirror edges and backing and result in a ruined mirror.
  • Never spray any cleaner directly on to a mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then wipe the mirror. This will also prevent "puddling" at the mirror edge where the cleaner could attack the backing.
  • Always use soft, grit-free cloths when cleaning a mirror to reduce chances of scratching the surface.
  • Be sure to dry all joints and edges thoroughly to be certain no cleaner comes in contact with the edge and backing.
  • Routine cleaning maintenance can be accomplished simply and effectively by washing, rinsing and drying the mirror and shower screen.

Crimsafe® and 007 Security

Instructions for Care

Due to the woven mesh design, Crimsafe can trap airborne dirt and impurities, just like a fly-screen, and over time these can give it a stained appearance. A quick clean will remove these marks and leave it looking like new.

Crimsafe® mesh will not rust as it is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel which has a lifespan of approximately 65 years. Crimsafe mesh is prepared using a high grade pre-treatment and is coated with a high durability commercial grade
UV fade-resistant black powder coating that ensures the good looks and long life of your product. The anti-static powder coating actively works against the buildup of airborne particles and makes cleaning easier. Providing the underlying pre-treatment remains intact, Crimsafe mesh will not rust.

Regular maintenance involves a wash down of the mesh and frames. It is recommended to use Crimsafe Wash and Wax combined with warm water. Lightly scrub the screen with a soft bristle brush and then rinse/hose with clean water.

As a guide to how frequently you should clean your Crimsafe product use the following table:

Environment Description Cleaning Interval
Mild More than 10km from beachfront or sheltered bay Every 6 months
Moderate 1 km to 10 km from beachfront or sheltered bay 2 to 3 months
Marine 500m to 1 km from beachfront or 100m to 1 km from sheltered bay 2 to 4 weeks
Severe Marine Within 500m of beachfront or within 100m of sheltered bay 1 to 2 weeks

The Crimsafe General Warranty

Crimsafe Security Systems warrants the original owner of a Crimsafe Security Product for defective materials under the conditions of normal use for a period of ten years from the date of installation. The warranty covers the stainless steel mesh, door frame, paint and clamp for a period of 10 years. All moving parts (without limitation) such as hinges, door closers, locks, wheels and installation are covered by a relevant manufacturer or supplier’s warranty.

In order to prolong the life of the Crimsafe product and to maintain your rights under this general warranty, you must follow the care and maintenance advice provided on this page and in the customer care brochure.

007 Security Products

7mm security screens and doors require a regular clean with a mild detergent solution in warm water to ensure a long, trouble free life. All locks and rollers should be cleaned and treated with a light coating of silicone spray 3-4 times a year.

All moving parts such as hinges, door closers, locks, wheels and installation are covered by a manufacturers 12 month warranty.