Bradnam's Bi-Fold Door and Window

The bi-fold door creates a moving glass wall that opens the interior of your home to the outdoors, providing unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation. The bi-fold is ideal for entertaining areas.

A choice of left or right opening directions allows the selection of layout to suit your home, and a single entry door can be added for quick access and day to day use.

  • Stacks out of the way for unimpeded views and access
  • Optional single entry door for easy access available
  • Positive locking action providing maximum security and safety
  • Hinge fixings with no visible screws to ensure a clean, flush appearance
  • Low force sliding system for easy operation
  • Outboard track system for easy cleaning
  • Retractable insect screens available to suit most bifold openings    13
  • Natural Light is allowed through.
  • Damaging UV Rays are largely filtered out as is Glare. 3 Resists Heat transfer into the home.


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